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That adds up to seven years, $199 million, an average annual value of $28.4 million (it’s not known if Conforto will want a six or seven year deal and one more shot at free agency, or an eight-to-10 year contract that will secure him until his late 30s -- if I had to bet, I’d bet on the latter, but we’ll split the difference today at seven years).

It's not just the fear of an outbreak that fuels the owners' desire to delay the season. Doing so would allow greater proliferation of the coronavirus vaccine and heighten the likelihood that fans go to stadiums -- and that local health officials allow a larger number of fans into stadiums. In discussions with the union, the league claimed it lost billions of dollars last season -- a figure that has not been verified. With regular-season, in-stadium revenues nonexistent in 2020, revenues unquestionably were down.Washington Nationals

While the Reds would be clearing a substantial amount of payroll by trading Suarez and Gray, they will almost certainly want something of value in return. And the Mets are reluctant to part with their most highly-coveted prospects.Detroit Tigers

It wasn't that anybody thought he didn't have a problem. As good as Sabathia was at hiding his alcoholism, everybody around him had at least a few data points over the years to support the idea that the 35-year-old had a problem. Some just thought maybe it could wait a week or two?Atlanta Braves

Drew was determined that his after was going to differ from his before. This was his chance. To be what he always wanted and never could. To fix himself. His family. Others. The compulsion -- to love, and to share that love -- was instantaneous.

The 20-year-old Gil and the other minor leaguers involved in the deal, all 22, did not play last year because of the pandemic.Los Angeles Angels

The potential for an agreement is possible, but the animus and mistrust between the sides is deep enough that sources were dubious about the likelihood of a deal. Something as simple as the timing of the offer is a point of contention. League officials were frustrated at the union when in December it rejected the possibility of a delay unless players were paid for 162 games -- something the league believes it acceded to in its proposal. In messages sent Sunday by player representatives to the union's rank and file obtained by ESPN, they called the proposal this close to spring training a "tactic" by MLB.
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